The grandmas who lunch

As I’ve previously written, my retired teacher friends get together each month for lunch. Yesterday, a new retiree joined us. Jeanie retired from another high school than the one we all worked at together, but she worked with us for many years as the registrar at the inner city high school and we’ve kept in touch all these years. So, when she recently announced she would be retiring, we asked her to join the ladies who lunch.

The four of us who met for lunch yesterday are all grandmas and so that took up some of our lunch time. Having just spent the past week with my grandchildren, I shared some of the pictures and stories including the one from National Ice Cream Day:



And to top the day off, we took a picture to initiate Jeanie into our group. One of our group was missing, taking an extra few days in a cooler climate. Can’t wait until we all get together, the grandmas who lunch.



6 responses to “The grandmas who lunch

  1. What a lovely group, and such a sweet photo of your grandkids!

    • Thank you. Although we could not be there for National Ice Cream Day, our daughter sent us the photo of the kids enjoying their selection. I had sent Leeya 5 one dollar bills to use to buy ice cream.

  2. Cute idea and great way to keep up with former coworkers … Grandmas Who Lunch. And WHAT?! I missed Ice Cream Day.

  3. Oh, what great pictures. Can I join you if I get into your part of the country? It looks like a great group. :-0

  4. This is so wonderful! I left all my teacher friends behind in Illinois. I’ll have to wait until fall to have lunch with them.

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