More summer preservation

Gladys and me in her backyard with more summer fruit.

Gladys and me in her backyard with more summer fruit.

My friend Gladys has peach trees in her backyard. This year has been a bountiful one for the first tree. Terry and I went over a few days ago to pick the very top of the tree that Gladys and her husband could not reach. Terry’s 6’3″ height comes in handy. That brought her peach count for the first tree to almost 1,000 pieces of fruit. A second tree will be ripe in a couple of weeks, or sooner, what with the high temperatures we are still having. It was 97 degrees last night at 9. You get the idea of what our days are like around here.

I brought more peaches home, sharing with my neighbor. Yesterday I knew I had to do something with the remaining fruit as it was getting very soft. I had empty jars, some apples, and time, so I juiced the fruit, getting seven cups of juice. I added three cups of sugar, and while the jars sanitized in the dishwasher, I boiled the liquid down and got this


It is definitely the taste of summer, preserved for awhile longer.

5 responses to “More summer preservation

  1. oh the wonderful bounty of summer!

  2. 1,000? Wow! That is just so amazing! California fruit is so sweet and wonderful. We’ve been getting a bunch of mangoes from my uncle and aunt. I’ll be making more mango bread soon.

  3. I had to continue eating peaches when we got home from Italy so I went to our local supermarket and got some italian peaches. We’ve been enjoying them fresh with a cheese cake that was in the freezer made by our grandson when visiting and have also juiced them. However, there’s nothing like harvesting your own that you know are organic – much better. Enjoy!

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