Going to the museum

How quickly time has passed. We have been home a whole week now and I’ve neglected some of the stories I wanted to share with you about the time we spent with our grandchildren the previous week. There has just been so much going on around here and next week will be even busier. However, I couldn’t let anymore time pass without telling you about my trip to Hiller Aviation Museum with my grandson, Judah.

Since Leeya was in Vacation Bible School each morning along with the rest of the family, Judah and I had time to do a few things like run errands a couple of days for Jennifer. On Wednesday, though, we were free to go have some fun so we took off for the San Carlos airport where Hiller is located. Hiller is the name of a helicopter and there are quite a few of those in the museum. The company itself is currently located in Firebaugh, a small farm town west of Fresno, and they are still manufacturing the aircraft, many of which are used as crop sprayers. Life can be funny that way, it goes in circles.

But, back to the museum. One reason I wanted to take Judah was because they were also having a model train display in addition to the aircraft.


Judah loved the planes, especially the Albatross:









It was kind of big for him. Seems he liked this size of plane a little better:





4 responses to “Going to the museum

  1. This is so adorable! What an interesting place. I’ll have to mention this museum to my pilot cousin.

    • Your cousin would surely enjoy this. They also have a place where they rebuild the planes and the engines. Lots going on all the time. next week the kids are going to a bird show there.

  2. What a precious outing with your grandson!

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