Hot summer Sunday


This is the view from my living room couch. It’s another “white-hot” afternoon. The sun is so fierce and bright. The heat engulfs you as you step outside. It’s been this way for six weeks now. Day after day of heat, usually over 100 degrees. Very little cool-down at night.

Trees are losing their limbs due to the heat. Lawns are looking ragged at the edges. Animals are suffering from heat stress. Restaurants are crying over loss of revenue as it’s too hot to even go out to eat. I have two lunch dates this next week. We will go early, to avoid the mid-afternoon high heat. We will order light fare.

I know that come January, I will be wishing for warm days. The gray skies will hold the cold close to the ground. We will wear our coats and pull on gloves and boots to keep ourselves warm. Hot soup will sound good. I will look at this photo and relish the memory of a hot, bright Sunday in July.


7 responses to “Hot summer Sunday

  1. Isn’t that the truth of it? In summer I wish for fall or winter, in winter I wish for spring or summer.

  2. Sorry to hear about your heat wave. It sounds like what we had last summer. This year has been much cooler; right now we’ve had the windows open for almost a week.

  3. wow sorry to hear about how hot it is, we are having a glorious summer although it was really hot in a restaurant we were in on the weekend.

  4. Welcome to my world, South Texas. The weather you describe is normal from late April to September. Praise to the man (or women) who invented air conditioning.

  5. We did finally get some rains for our parched plants. Flossie may have missed us, but she did give us some much needed moisture. I sure hope it cools down for all of you.

  6. We’ve had a minor cool-down this week. After 36 days of over 100 degrees, we’ve had 97 and 98 degree days. Maybe fall is coming?

  7. ‘White hot afternoon’ – what an apt description. Hope August is nicer to you!

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