It’s Grampa’s hat

Since our daughter would be at camp all week with her youth group and our son-in-law had to be across the bay at a meeting early Saturday, our kids had asked us to come and take care of the grandkids. We were quite willing to do that. Jen had apologized, it being my birthday weekend and all, but I didn’t mind. What better way to celebrate than enjoying my tiny grandchildren.

On Saturday morning we took them to Hiller Aviation Museum, the same place Judah and I had gone a couple of weeks ago when we were there for Vacation Bible School. This time Leeya got to go too. They had fun playing with all the toy airplanes as well as some of the simulators. Terry, of course, was in heaven, getting to see all the planes. We stood on the flight line and watched many small airplanes land and take off at San Carlos Airport. As usual, Terry wore his hat, and when we returned home, the kids confiscated it for some fun:

With grandpa's hat

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4 responses to “It’s Grampa’s hat

  1. sweet grandkids! Great that you are able to help out.

  2. I agree! I would have loved to spend my birthday that way too. You do have the most adorable grandkids.

  3. I can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday. Darling hat. Darling grandchild. Darling grandchild who stole the hat! Love it all.

  4. Yes, grandpa’s hat is great. Cute little boy. Dianne

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