The Antiques Roadshow

A Facebook friend suggested The Antiques Roadshow when I posted this photo of my college typewriter.


Actually I got it while in high school, probably in 1967. I assumed I had given it to Salvation Army when cleaning out closets but Terry pulled it out this morning because he wanted to use the typewriter eraser he kept in the case to clean some battery connections on a toy I had found in a box. It was quite the morning of reminiscing.

These were also in the case:



11 responses to “The Antiques Roadshow

  1. I have one. I acquired it from an old roommate or something and I refuse to let it go. 🙂

    • Do you use it for typing? An online friend tells me that there is a site that sells ribbons. Maybe I should check it out. I liked typing with this machine, I just didn’t like doing footnotes!

  2. I wonder how many people who read this blog have never used a typewriter or carbon paper.

    • I’m not about to give up my computer/word processing software for a typewriter, but this machine served me well. I could type about 50 wpm on it. I was never a speedy typist.

  3. What great condition this antique is in!

    • I think an item has to be 100 years old to be an antique so this machine has a few years left to go. Maybe if I keep it in the closet, away from light and air, my grandchildren can sell it for big money in 2067! Think anyone will even know what it is then?

  4. Oh gosh! We sold two of our high school/college typewriters at a garage sale before we moved to Hawaii 6 years ago.

    • That was probably the smartest thing to do. Not many people want used typewriters, but if you find someone willing to pay you money, take it. I would be happy to sell mine but I doubt if there would be any buyers.

  5. Update on this typewriter. I gave it to a store owner in Cayucos, California, for her daughter who not only collects typewriters but also uses them to design items for the store.

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