The first day of school and its surrounding days

It’s the third day of school-already! It’s been so busy around here that I’m just getting a chance to sit and think about the past five days. My tasks this morning were cleaning the greenhouse pad and all the glass in the house.

The small grandchildren were here from Friday to yesterday and things were a bit of a mess. The weather has been so hot (broke a record on Monday with 110) so we played outside in the water, which was turned into mud:



We also ate cooling popsicles: IMG_4385



And when it was too hot to play outside, we camped inside:





On Saturday we made the trek up the hill to the other grandparents’ house, as they live in a large development that has a swimming pool, where the kids could cool off. These kids live where the high temperature for the day is 68 degrees. Our 108, 109, 110, days were beginning to wear thin.


On Sunday, while Judah ran around playing with his new garbage truck, Leeya did art work:



Then, on Monday, the first day of school  here, my retired friends, The Ladies Who Lunch, made our yearly No-School-for-us trip. We stayed close to home this year since I didn’t want to be gone all day, leaving Terry with the grandchildren. Because I have been volunteering as a tour guide at Kearney Mansion, I asked if I could do a behind-the-scenes tour for my friends and permission was granted. The mansion was opened (and air-conditioned) just for us. Afterwards we had lunch at a 50-year old drive-in, eating typical diner food.

Later that afternoon, as the mercury went skyward, our daughter and son-in-law arrived from the bay area. Monday was not only the first day of school but also a record-setting day for heat at 110 degrees. I don’t think I can ever remember the first day of school being so hot. With no air conditioning in their car, they had melted by the time they got here. We went to dinner at a fairly new vegan restaurant in town where we were served these lovely hibiscus/ginger drinks to help cool us off:



The restaurant, Organic Fresno, closes at 6 p.m. so we had an early dinner and got home in time for a lightening and thunder shower. We all danced in the cooling rain, out on the driveway, until darkness settled in and it was time for bed. It was still over 104 degrees, though.

4 responses to “The first day of school and its surrounding days

  1. Going out with retired friends on the first day of school is something my friends and I never miss. Sounds like you had a great day.

  2. Stay cool, you have been busy!

  3. Oh dear! Sorry about the heat, but looks like the kids had a great time anyway!

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