Stranded at home

That title isn’t as bad as it sounds. Actually, it’s been kind of nice. So, why have I been stranded since last Saturday? Grandchildren and cars.

We took the grandkids to swim at their Nana’s house last Saturday. Coming back down the hill (the in-laws live in a foothill housing development about 45 miles away), my car began flashing check engine and cruise control on the instrument panel. Fortunately, or not so fortunately, depending on your view, I had this happen three years ago, coming back to Fresno from San Francisco, by myself, on a long stretch of open road. I pulled over, then, and called the mechanic who told me that I could keep driving but bring the car in the next day, which I did.

Because I knew it was not serious, but rather an emission’s control valve that was dirty and stuck open, we kept driving on home and even used the car a couple of times during the week because Terry’s 1991 Mazda was in the shop having the heater/AC fan fixed. Being so old, it takes awhile to get the parts for his car’s repairs. This time it took three days. Now that Terry has his car back, I will take mine in on Monday to be fixed.

Expensive month for us, what with these car repairs. So, I guess it’s a good thing I was stuck at home and unable to go out and spend money! The grandkids were here Sunday and Monday so I was busy taking care of them. My girlfriends picked me up and squired me around for our first day of no-school. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were spent cleaning (and making chile sauce), doing laundry, gardening. On Friday I pulled out my historical novel, Allied Arts Girls, edited, researched, and started another chapter that will detail one of the meetings in May, 1960, when the girls had a fashion show/garden party/installation dinner. I also baked a batch of cookies which I shared with my neighbor who came over to return some bandages I had loaned to her for an emergency the week before.

Would my week have looked different had there not been the car problems? Probably. I could have jumped in the car and gone any where I wanted, like to the bookstore to get a new journal, to the drug store to pick up a prescription, to Target to get items on a growing list, to Whole Foods to pick up a chicken for dinner. Terry did a couple of these things on his way home with his newly repaired and smogged car.

That’s something we have to do here in California due to our extreme air pollution. Every two years, when our car registration comes due, the cars must be smogged before we can buy the tags for the year. It’s all done through a computerized system between the smog shops and the Department of Motor Vehicles. But, I digress.

Now that Terry’s car is back, I could go out today and run some of those errands, but I don’t like going out on Saturdays as it’s always crowded with people who have only the weekends to get their errands done. I will have plenty of time next week. I’ve realized nothing has to be done immediately.

Another thing I like about staying home, I don’t put on any makeup and I dress very casually. Nor do I worry too much about my hair, but with my super short cut, I really have little to make my hair ready to go out. Tomorrow I will wash my hair, put on my makeup, dress nicely, and attend church, ending the week of being stranded at home.


6 responses to “Stranded at home

  1. I enjoy an occasional day at home, but don’t think I could handle a whole week.

    • Having worked all those years, and having to be out the door at 7 a.m. most days, I always loved just staying home in the summer, during break. Our days are so hot that it’s nice to be inside, where it’s cool, during the heat of the day. Now that most of my days are my own, and I seldom have to leave the house before 9 a.m., I try to spread out my errands during the week to coincide with other trips.

  2. This week I’ve been in a home routine after a Summer with the family. this coming week we shall be travelling to see relatives and then back to the school term opening routine looking after the grandchildren the week after.
    I like days when I can be in a home routine with no appointments and just do house chores and dress casually.

  3. Sometimes I think we feel stranded without a car, but then remember that we sometimes want to stay home from choice. I suppose it is a glass half full thing. Good you could end your week positively. Dianne

    • I really wish we lived in an area where I could walk and/or take public transportation like I did when we lived in San Francisco. Also, our weather here is waaay too hot to be out w/o air conditioning on most summer days.

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