Lament over car

Remember those lights on my car’s instrument panel I told you about in the last post? The Check Engine and Cruise Control lights that came on over a week ago?

I took the car in yesterday to the mechanic thinking it was like the previous time those lights came on, something with the emission’s valves. Not so. It turned out to be the gasket on top of the gas tank which was hard to reach and costly to replace.

Then, they found that my battery had lived a good life but for not much longer. It too had to be replaced. $500 in car repairs. Aaack. That’s on top of the already $1800 I have spent on the car since January. It has become painful.

I guess I just need to remember that I’m not making car payments and I’ve not been stranded any where. My little Subaru Forester gets me where I need to be and it’s very safe for transporting the grandchildren. I can haul lots of stuff in it, and with All Wheel Drive, I can go many places other vehicles can not.

The car has almost 100,000 miles on it so I guess I have to expect some major repairs along the line. I’m just sad they all had to come in an 8-month period.

4 responses to “Lament over car

  1. Yowch! That’s awful. However, you’ve been lucky to get away without major repair work until now.

    • I had to have the ac unit completely torn out and replaced a few years back. That was very costly, but I was still working so I could handle it. These costs are really eating into my limited budget.

  2. It might be time to start planning for a new car!

    • Oh heavens NO. I do not want a car payment. I made sure the house and cars were paid off before I retired. It’s only a 2005 so it’s got a long life ahead of it. Now, Terry’s 1991 Mazda, that’s another story. But, he loves the car and it does just keep going. We certainly have gotten our money’s worth out of it. I’m thinking maybe we could become a 1-car family.

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