That rule about wearing white

It’s almost Labor Day. Do you follow that rule–don’t wear white after Labor Day? I was reminded of this rule when I clicked over on Advanced Style today and saw the post on your last chance to wear white.

My mother always followed the rule for white shoes or white purse as those were the only all-white items she had in her wardrobe. I have a white linen jacket, white sandals, and a white top. I don’t wear the jacket or sandals after Labor Day, just because I don’t, but the white top gets worn under a beige and white jacket that I will wear into October with a pair of beige slacks.

The weather in Fresno can stay warm all the way up to Thanksgiving, but I have lots of lightweight dark clothes. I try not to wear any black, navy, or brown during the summer months as I will be wearing a lot of those colors once the cold months roll in. I wear mostly skirts in the summer and then shift to pants in the winter when it gets so cold here.

California is very laid back and doesn’t follow many of those fashion rules. I know  I will still see white clothing after Labor Day. How about where you live? Will you be seeing white?



16 responses to “That rule about wearing white

  1. I love to see someone dressed in all white in the middle of winter. Done properly, it is stunning. 🙂

    • There are clothes in what is called “winter white” that are made of heavier fabrics. I’ve never considered these as I always get light colored clothes so dirty. I need light clothes to be in fabrics I can wash.

      • Agreed. I must be covered in dark/patterned, very machine-washable fabrics. I am a total klutz. That might be why I adore someone who can rock a white outfit and look dazzling.

  2. I just wear what I want at any season. I’m too old and cranky to care what others think. 🙂

    • I try to dress nicely but I don’t go out and buy new clothes every season like I did when teaching. I always tried to be fairly current with my clothes because the students appreciated it.

  3. I think people wear what they want these days…I do like to wear fall colours in the fall.

  4. Everyone I know pretty much wears whatever they want whenever they want. I wear mostly black all year round. The only white thing I intentionally don’t wear after Labor Day is shoes :-).

    • Black certainly seems to be the color of choice, especially in certain parts of the country. I would never have worn pastels or white while living in SF. But, in very casual, very hot fresno, those colors work well.

  5. I’m fashion-challenged. Lucky to remember to not wear stripes and plaids together. Jealous of folks who can actually plan a wardrobe on a daily basis.

    • Cyndy, mixing of patterns is very popular now. I cannot do it, but I see it in the younger clothes. I have become bolder in my mix of colors, though.

  6. Although the warm days continue in our area into late September, I begin to put summer things away after Labor Day. These days, I dress to fit the weather, however, most of my clothing is very laid-back. Dianne

  7. I should add that of course I am retired. If I was still working outside the home, I would dress differently and probably not wear white after Labor Day. However, I don’t own many white things. Dianne

    • I’m taking my white jacket to the dry cleaners next week and will put it away until next spring. I seldom wear it, but being linen, and white, it needs to be cleaned quite often to look good.

  8. I like to blend in, rather than stand out, plus white — like the camera, adds 20 pounds to my frame, so my closet is filled with black. Even on the hottest of days, you’ll generally find me in black, with the occasional green or blue top when I feel adventurous.

  9. I followed that dress code in Illinois. Most people seemed to. However, in Hawaii, nobody cares. Most people haven’t even heard of that dress code.

  10. Just saw one of our local newscasters wearing a white jacket on the news broadcast last night. Terry pointed out that fall doesn’t begin until Sunday so maybe she thinks it’s ok. Especially in our 90 degree temperatures.

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