Fall doings

Morning light in the dining room

Morning light in the dining room

The light is  beginning to look like fall around here, but it feels like the middle of summer. Our temperatures are in the high 90s and low 100s. Even by 8 pm it’s been around 95 degrees. We don’t cool off much overnight with lows in the 70s. The Rim Fire, burning in Yosemite, has sent smoke into the San Joaquin Valley, and along with heat, tree nut harvesting, and ozone from cars, our air pollution is so bad that it looks like fog has settled in. Those with breathing problems are in dire straits right now. Doctors recommend people stay inside, use their air conditioning, and if one must go out, to put the car’s AC on recirculate so as not to keep bringing more bad air into the car. We are advised to change out of street clothes as soon as we get home and take a shower to get the pollutants off of our bodies.

Fresno State University is back in session, and last week I attended an event to IMG_4489recruit volunteers from the student body. While there, one of my former students, Class of 1994, came by looking for information for the students with whom she now works. I was thrilled to see Yvette. She was a top-notch student in our program, and now a very successful adult.

Later in the week, after talking with my co-worker at the volunteer event about white cake, I tried my hand at a white cake recipe that was supposed to be “the best.” Hah. It was so bad that all I could do was cut the layers into squares and toast them to have as cake croutons IMG_4492with pudding or whipped cream or ice cream. I’m not giving up, though, and will try another cake recipe.

IMG_4487Our backyard neighbors have quite the garden growing in their yard. Some of their plants creep over on our side. I have no idea what this vine is, but last week it suddenly put out these dainty flowers. Maybe it will produce something edible.

IMG_4493Speaking of gardening, on Saturday the master gardeners of our area put on their fall show at the Garden of the Sun, a demonstration garden sponsored by the University of California, Agriculture Extension. I had never been out to this garden so was excited to see what all they had. Lots to see and learn about. I loved this little pathway in one area and would like to duplicate it in our backyard.


IMG_4545There was a small gift shop with many items made by the garden’s members. I bought a new wreath for my door. It was only $5 and just to my liking. Not fussy.


4 responses to “Fall doings

  1. it’s very hot here for the next few days then will go back to seasonal. The cake doesn’t look so bad!

  2. We are having the same weather-but without the fire problem. It’s supposed to cool off here later in the week; hope things get back to normal in your area soon, too.

  3. Oh no for the fog!!!
    “maybe it will produce something edible” – hahaha 😃 please share with us your successful cake recipe when once you get it right. I love baking. 😊

  4. I was reminded about that clothes changing piece after getting home today. I was at the hospital and then at a pharmacy (for someone else, not me), and I was reminded that I had been around sick people and places where sick people hang out so I should change my clothes. One really should change out of street clothes upon arrival at home. I take off my shoes, but I sometimes forget the clothing part.

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