Eating good, eating well


Some of the produce from yesterday’s CSA box and today’s farmer’s market. Lots of good food with which to cook and eat.

9 responses to “Eating good, eating well

  1. just wonderful, the earth’s bounty. Oh regarding the dental antibiotics, interesting that your husband no longer has to take them. I did know of someone whose mother died because of this. But she lived in Malaysia.

  2. Pomegrante…the minute I saw it I asked David to add it to the grocery list.

    • I peeled and seeded my three that were purchased yesterday at the farmer’s market. I have about 2 cups of seeds which I will then use for juicing with pear, basil, and kale. I had been pondering making pomegranate jelly this fall, but I think not. I think I will just enjoy them in juices.

  3. So while most cheese aficionados will wrinkle there noses at the
    mere mention of processed cheeses, we have now found some very sophisticated uses for them.
    It is often best if you go to a place outdoors that means something to the both of you.
    This is my favorite scenic drive in wa & the road winds
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  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m going back to that photo to see if I can figure out which building you live in!

    Our son lived in Half Moon Bay for a while. He’s moved back, but really has left his heart there!

    CSAs RULE!!!

  5. PS If you’re speaking of the last photo, I took it from a bus as we were returning to the ship from Napa. We were on a bridge.

  6. Yummers!

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