Stellar Saturday

Most of my days are stellar, and today was no exception.

After our usual Saturday pancake breakfast, I did laundry, dusting and more sorting in the computer room. Watered the yards. Oh, also mixed up a batch of browned butter snicker doodle cookie dough.

Went off to Manchester Center to meet up with one of my wonderful former IMG_4585student, Song Vue, and her fashion show collective. What a great show of young talent. Lunch at Yanagi Japanese (with a fountain Coke, swoon) and then home to bake those cookies.



My neighbor brought over a large eggplant and took home some cookies. Definitely a stellar day in my book.

Here I am in the t-shirt I bought from Song’s fashion show:


6 responses to “Stellar Saturday

  1. Oh yes! I agree! That’s definitely a stellar day.

    I’ve had an OK day. Forgot to check with the pharmacy to see if they’d be open to pick up my meds. They were closed. Had a great bowl of noodle soup for lunch. Making corn chowder for tonight. Two loads of laundry done. Not bad…

    • Although I like corn chowder, I never make my own. Whole Foods has a really good one with green chiles. I buy it quite often in the winter time and we have it for lunch after church. Sunday lunch is our big day for soup. Today was bean soup.

  2. it does sound a wonderful day!

  3. Nice to see you again! I’ve been absent from The Old Reader since it went down, and you have been absent from my news feed. No more! Hello again, dzkody. 🙂

  4. The cookies sound amazing, especially since Snickerdoodles are my FAVorite!! And YUM to eggplant :-D. Definitely a stellar day!

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