Clean out, clean out, everybody clean out

There is a song we sing with small tykes for clean-up time: clean up, clean up, everybody clean up. Makes it a more jolly process for all concerned. I’ve been humming the tune while cleaning out the computer room. Except, it’s only ME doing the clean out. Terry has occasionally told me that I could throw out some piece of hardware or software for which we no longer have a computer on which it will operate. Some, like the WordPerfect stuff, made me sad. That was my favorite word processor. I still don’t like Word, but since it’s the standard now, I’ve learned to use it. He snatched up an outdated mouse with the idea of giving it to an organization for which he volunteers as he thinks they have a machine on which it will work.

But back to that clean out. I came across a box that had been sitting under my desk since 2000, collecting a variety of things. I know it’s been there that long because at the bottom I found the journal I wrote during my mother’s last month of life after a major stroke. I also found a folder of photos taken a couple of months before her death. These two were taken at my mother’s 86th birthday party in October.

Me, my mother, Jennifer, and my sister.

Me, my mother, Jennifer, and my sister.

My mother blowing out the candles on her cake with my daughter looking on

My mother blowing out the candles on her cake with my daughter looking on. The other woman, on the left, is my sister-in-law.

We had no idea she would be gone in 2 months. I had wondered, over the years, what the last photo of my mother was and if I had a copy. Feeling compelled by God to clean out the computer room, I found my answer. I don’t know why I am amazed when God works as He does, but I am.

6 responses to “Clean out, clean out, everybody clean out

  1. My husband turned 84 this month. Time flies. Dianne

  2. it’s sad looking back like that…I am visiting my mom tomorrow and will cherish the’s a routine blood test day but I will see it with new eyes

  3. well, that is true…cleaning out makes you run into all kind of sentiments and memories!

    Next time I’m cleaning out, I’m going to sing your little song! 🙂

  4. I’m glad you found all these precious photos. They are beautiful memories. Your daughter is so pretty. She will love seeing these photos also so she can always remember her grandmother. It makes me realize that I need to appreciate the moments I have now with my mother.

  5. I always believe that we are prompted at the right time to do something and God is in it. The last days of my mother’s life before she went into hospital are also recorded and were put away in a box. They include the last time at a family reunion and the last time she went somewhere with her church group. I’ve taken them out of the box once or twice during the last few years and have given thanks for her long life. Of course, I still miss her.

  6. What a great photo and so glad you found it. My mom turned 88 in August and I am thankful for each day she is still with us and healthy.

    Our 5-year old granddaughter sings that song! 🙂

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