More white cake


Tried my hand with the white cake again. This time I used the tried and true Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that I’ve had for 40 years.

The cake could stand alone, without frosting or filling. That is the real test for cake. I would have preferred a bit more moistness so will increase shortening from three quarters cup to a full cup next time. Also, I will cream the shortening and sugar a bit longer.

These cupcakes currently reside in the freezer. Our grandchildren will be here in a few days and it will be Judah’s second birthday so cake will be required for a small celebration.


7 responses to “More white cake

  1. Sounds great! I guess I’ve never had white cake without frosting or some kind of flavoring. I’m more a chocolate fan actually. 🙂

    • There was a time when chocolate was my favorite, but with age has come a lack of interest in anything chocolate. I would prefer a caramel candy to a chocolate one. White cake has to be very good to stand alone. That is the true test of really good cake.

  2. Son’t you just love that cookbook!

  3. I can still see that cookbook in my mind’s eye, although I haven’t laid eyes on it for years. It was the only one I had for decades. Now I am fortunate to have a husband who cooks. 🙂

  4. oh scrumptious! Happy Birthday to Judah!

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