Not about cake

Enough with the cake already. Let’s look at some of our cats. This is Calico and her “kitten” Oliver.


This is another “kitten” Trixie:


There is one other kitten, Fritzy, but she wasn’t around for the photo shoot. They are about 8 months old, and except for Calico, their mom, are unwilling to let us pet them. What good is a cat you cannot pet?

5 responses to “Not about cake

  1. Oliver? I would have thought Calico’s kitten would be Blackie.

    • Funny you should use that name. My brother brought home a black puppy when I was just two years old and that was what I wanted to name him, but my brother had other ideas. He knew the mother of the puppy and her name was Boots. He wanted to name the dog the same. I had Boots for 12 years. He was a good dog and I never regretted not getting to name him Blackie.

  2. Well, maybe they need to be socialized, slowly. I agree with you, though, I need to pet my kitties! 🙂

  3. VERY cute cats. Hopefully you get to pet them sooner or later!

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