Getting back into the retired groove

It’s the middle of October, and for the last three weeks I have been in a whirlwind of activity, each day filled to the brim with little to no time for my usual routine.

For the first six days we were busy with our grandchildren. Fortunately, Terry was available to help with them and all the activities that we did. Unfortunately, he was also responsible for editing the church’s weekly TV broadcast made only more difficult by faulty equipment. It has been a harrowing three weeks for him. He will be relieved of this job next week as the church finally hired a very young man to do the work as well as buying some “new” equipment with which to do it.

While Terry was away each day these past two weeks to work on that editing, I was away at Fresno Historical Society to answer phones and do other such tasks that are necessary leading up to the major fund-raising event for the organization–Civil War Revisited. This is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg so there is a big demand for tickets and much more hoopla going into producing the event this year, meaning that my front desk activity was hectic, to say the least. I was coming home very tired each day. Again, fortunately, Terry was taking care of dinner every night.

Last night, the final day at the Historical Society done, I came home to an offer for dinner out at a favorite Mexican restaurant. I took him up on it. Today I am joining a good friend at an event in an historical part of town, looking at some renovated homes, hearing some stories, and eating Armenian food at a church. It will be fun to not be responsible for anything except having a good time.

Next week I will get back into my retirement groove. Instead of getting up at 5:30 I can sleep until 6:30, like I did this Saturday morning. I will be able to get some laundry done and the furniture dusted early in the morning. If I have somewhere to go, it will probably be after 10 a.m. and I will be home before 4. Much different  from my hours of 9 to 5 at the Historical Society. I can again read, write, and do research without an eye on the clock.

One big project I MUST complete next week is the photo book for my grandson’s second year. He has been two for almost three weeks and I have yet to start work on that book which usually would be done and at the printers by now. I do these books right after each grandchild’s birthday, and Leeya has four but Judah only has one as of right now. When we took them home after their stay with us, we had a long wait for their parents to arrive. I saw Judah get out all the photo books, both his and Leeya’s, and then select his ONE book which he sat and looked at for awhile. Broke my heart that he only had the one to look at although he is TWO.

I enjoy being able to do something like this past week and a half of volunteer work for a worthwhile organization. I enjoy having an open calendar on which I can pencil in events, lunch dates, and volunteer pursuits. But even more so, I’ve said it before, I enjoy the rhythm and routine of my retired life.

5 responses to “Getting back into the retired groove

  1. Same here. My trip to southern California disrupted my routine, and I’m just now, almost a week later, getting into the rhythm of my normal life. I must be becoming a homebody! 🙂

  2. I am envious. I won’t be back in my retirement grove for a few more weeks.

  3. Goodness, you are very busy. I don’t know where the time goes. I think I need a routine that works better for me. Perhaps this winter I will finally find my retirement groove again.

  4. you get working on Judah’s book then!

    • I just finished uploading Judah’s book. I did it in iPhoto this year with Apple as the company I had been using went out of business. He should have it by the end of the week.

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