From five years ago

My previous kitchen post brought to mind this post from five years ago. Not everything I do in the kitchen turns out very well as you can see from this October 29, 2008 blog:

I can usually step into the kitchen, and often without a recipe, whip up a dish without too much trouble.  Yesterday, getting home before 3:30, which is very rare, I decided to make a batch of cupcakes with a Halloween theme.  I had a chocolate cake mix, a can of frosting, and an assortment of Halloween decorations.

The first disaster should have told me to stop right there.  I put the butter, eggs, and water into my food processor, just like I always do, but this time when I turned it on, the mixture flew all over the kitchen.  The lid of the food processor just didn’t want to seal correctly.  I finally got the cake batter mixed up, cleaned up my horrible mess, and divided the batter between the pans, one of which I had gone next door to borrow since I have only two small cupcake pans.

After cooling the cakes, I pulled out the can of frosting and stirred it up.  The consistency seemed wrong for the type of frosting (fluffy) but I figured I was just being overly critical.  It spread just fine on 18 of the cupcakes and looked very pretty.  Then I licked the knife I had been using.  YUCK.  The frosting had soured and upon checking the use-by-date, found it was way out of date.  I had to dump 18 cupcakes.

I was so disgusted with this huge failure after all the work I had done.  This rarely happens with anything that I cook.  Plus, it looks like the mixing bowl of my Cuisinart needs to be replaced so that’s another task I will have to take on soon as I use my food processor a lot.

Back to 2013: yes, we replaced that cusinart bowl.

4 responses to “From five years ago

  1. I hope your efforts this year met with more success. That would have deterred me, for sure! 🙂

    • My Cuisinart works well now, and I have purchased another cupcake pan so I can make 2 doz cupcakes w/o borrowing from the neighbor. (Who no longer lives there.)

  2. I’ll be cooking up some of my granddaughter’s favorite cornbread tonight. I hope it turns out OK. It’s such a complicated recipe, but she loves it.
    I winced when I read about the lid not being on properly. Ouch! That must have been a horrible mess.

  3. Oh poor you, what a mess. Happy to hear you left this sorry experience behind you with a new blender. Dianne

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