A service I could use

While reading through my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting tweet from a fella in the Bay Area about receiving a “trunk” of clothing to try. Seems that there is an online service, for MEN, that will put together a few outfits after chatting with you, and send them out, free of charge, to try out. You then pay for what you want. It keeps the MAN looking up-to-date with his clothes. I could use this service.

The clothing is sent in a “trunk:”

10617560113_d8e91b3f14_zThe outfits are all put together from the information you give your personal stylist. Everything, from shirts to pants to shoes, is in the box. In your size.

Since I hate to shop, I would love to have such a service for women. I can usually find one piece of clothing that fits me, if I’m very deliberate in my shopping. However, finding the additional pieces to go with it, and make it look really good…not so easy. Being short and wide makes it hard to find clothing that fits. I’m also not as adventuresome as I would like to be with clothing so I stick with classic. It would be nice to have someone do that for me and shake up my wardrobe.

I know there are personal shoppers at stores like Macys (which we have in Fresno and I do not like) and Nordstroms (no Fresno store but I love this company), but you have to actually show up in the store to get this service. The idea that someone would ship all those clothes to me, to try at my leisure, in my own home, is so appealing.



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