Sweet November 5-Orange

Today’s Sweet November is very easy as I sit at the dining table and look at a platter of ORANGE persimmons and a couple of apples that are definitely not red.


My neighbor has been keeping me stocked in persimmons and pomegranates. The pomegranates were seeded earlier this morning and stored away in the fridge for later juicing.


4 responses to “Sweet November 5-Orange

  1. pomegrante I love, persimmon, not so much..pucker, pucker.

    • These are the kind of persimmons that you can eat like an apple. They are sweet and crunchy. The acorn shaped persimmons in the middle must get very soft to be eatable as they can make one’s mouth pucker.

  2. Oh yum! This is the season for persimmons, isn’t it? Next to watermelon, persimmons are my husband’s favorite fruit.

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