Sweet November 7-Close up


This is a close up of the door knocker on our newly painted red front door.

For 40 years the front door was wood finish. Now it’s red, sort of the same color as my hair.

Terry went to the hardware store to buy new hardware for the newly painted door, but being so old, nothing fits the holes so we will keep the old hardware on the new paint. Something new, something old.

6 responses to “Sweet November 7-Close up

  1. Thanks for stopping by over at my place. =)

    I really like the mix of old and new. The door looks great!

  2. The old hardware works. Gives the door an inviting look.

  3. LOVE the red door color.

  4. it looks beautiful, glad you kept the old knocker, it adds so much character.

  5. Our front door is also red, or was. You remind me it needs a new coat of paint. Dianne

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