Season of busy

This past week kept me running. From having lunch with my friends to giving tours at Kearney Mansion, it has been one thing after another.

Monday I took the cat to the vet, went downtown for lunch, picked up the cat from vet. The painter called about 5:30 to say he would be arriving Tuesday morning as the client next in line could not make up her mind about a color for her house. I scrambled in the dark to get all the furniture off of the porch and patio. We would be up early every morning the next three days to move our cars from the garage to a street around the corner to keep them available and yet out of the way of the painters.

Tuesday the painters arrived at 8 so all of the cats had to stay in the house. I teach a Bible class on Tuesday afternoons at a local school and then pick up the CSA box.

Wednesday I was home all day and got those brownies baked as well as pot of bean soup cooked. Sorted through cabinets and closets looking for a book that I never did find but found all sorts of other things I had forgotten. Our grandchildren will be here in two weeks so I worked on projects for them to do. (or not, as they are two and four, they make up their own minds about such things.) I also rearranged pictures on some of the walls.

Thursday and Friday I did six school tours at Kearney Mansion. These were darling third graders who are from my hometown. I also made plans with the curator to do Christmas tours at the house so December’s calendar is beginning to fill up. Thursday evening we attended the 60th anniversary celebration for Sugar Pine Camp where we have previously worked as counselors and where our daughter got married 12 years ago.

After the tours on Friday I shopped for a new blanket and a rollaway bed. Got the blanket at JC Penneys for two-thirds off the original price and found the bed at Bed Bath & Beyond. Came home and did laundry.

It’s Saturday and I’m doing more loads of wash, running the sprinklers, and reading the newspaper. We are still having temperatures in the high 70s, with no rain in the forecast so I’m planning to work in the backyard this afternoon. You know, that old adage, “make hay while the sun shines.”

All this, and so far, I have still managed to get my Sweet November posts up each day. Today’s prompt is for something inspirational. I’m going to have to think about that one. You’ll have to check back later as I have nothing right now. Guess I’ll need to find some inspiration for the holiday season. It’s looking to be pretty busy.


4 responses to “Season of busy

  1. And I thought I was busy! You are beyond busy, in my book. You are inspiring, who need another post after this one? 🙂

  2. I understand! I’m craving a day to do nothing as I haven’t had one in over a month.

  3. This busy-ness reminds me of every day we spent in Illinois. It’s a happy sort of busy though isn’t it?

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