Sweet November 9-inspiration

Where do you find your inspiration? When teaching I would often find a news article in the morning’s paper that would inspire a lesson later that day. Last year I taught first/second grade Sunday School and I found lots of inspiration for Sunday mornings in books and materials that I had “inherited” from others.

My cooking inspirations often come from social media. 10764316034_5e0512961bI just baked a batch of vanilla wafers that I saw on the Williams and Sonoma site.

You, dear Readers, inspire me, too. Recently I read on one of your blogs (but I don’t remember whose) about a movie, The Painted Veil, and that it was made from a book written by Somerset Maugham. 10715702864_4c335dc2aaI ordered the book from Powell’s, and although it didn’t seem to be a story I might care for, the blog had inspired me to give it a try. I loved the book. I really didn’t want it to end, and as I came to the last few pages, I put the book down many times just to draw out the ending.



The story takes place in early twenty century China during a cholera outbreak. The main character is a self-indulgent woman who is married to a man she doesn’t love. Her life drastically changes when she must leave Hong Kong and accompany her husband to an outpost where the cholera rages. Watching her transformation took my breath away.

Hope you have been inspired today to try something new or return to an old favorite. Inspiration–it’s every where.


5 responses to “Sweet November 9-inspiration

  1. You have inspired me. I am going to try to read this book. I’ve never been able to read Somerset Maugham. Maybe at this stage in life, I can read and understand him. Thanks for the recommendation.

    The cookies look good too, but I’d rather read than bake.

  2. Your cookies look amazing and great book review, it sparks my interest without giving too much away

  3. You are right about inspiration being everywhere we look! I know I find it in unexpected places at the drop of a hat! Those cookies look fantastic — and the book sounds intriguing. I have never read Maugham. Perhaps this will be my “starter book” in 2014!

    Thanks so much for coming by Marmelade Gypsy — It’s always nice to “meet” someone new!

  4. Lately a lot of my inspirations come from reading posts from my blog family.

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