Sweet November 10-to do list

Where do you write your to-do lists? On the back of envelopes? Or other scraps of paper? On your calendar? On your phone’s memo pad? On a notepad expressly made for such lists?

I use my journal, usually the blank page across from the day’s entry. This is the one I jotted down for the next week:


It’s pretty flexible and very rough at this point. Next week, I’ll turn back to this page to see if it all got accomplished.


5 responses to “Sweet November 10-to do list

  1. I have a large agenda book and also use loose paper

  2. I need to start making lists. Dianne

  3. Just as when I was a secretary, I carry a steno book with me everywhere I go. I not only keep my to-do list in the book — in the order to be done, but I jot down thoughts, songs I hear I want to download, names of people I meet, not to mention a grocery list. Problem is, I’m so accustomed to carrying the book that I sometimes STILL forget to look at it and end up returning home with something undone or unpurchased. Go figure.

    • My good friend, Gail, a legal secretary, did likewise, Shirley. She was always pulling it out and jotting down what she had spent, or something she saw that she wanted to remember for later. She carried around dimensions of rooms and furniture, too, for making purchases. After she became ill and I would run errands for her, I would make lists at her request for the things she needed.

  4. I have a little tablet that I keep in my bag all the time. It’s a convenient place to note things down. I also use my whiteboard or any loose paper I have lying around.

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