Sweet November 11-special

Today’s photo shows something very special, a bear that has been in the family for 33 years. This photo was taken a few weeks ago at Terry’s mother’s condo when the grandkids were staying with us. She had wanted a photo with them that I’m sure she will show off to her friends. Judah wanted to take “Mommy’s Bear” when they went to the condo. He managed to get into the photo for which I am most grateful.


This bear was purchased by my mother in 1980 for our daughter Jennifer who had seen the bear in a store and wanted it. My mother obliged, also getting her a rocking chair for the bear (and Jennifer) to sit in. These items were for her second birthday which coincided with the day we moved into the house in which we still live, 33 years later. Jennifer spent the day with my mother while we did the heavy moving. The bear and chair greeted Jennifer upon her arrival at my mother’s home. It was a very special day for all of us. My mother was always overjoyed when Jennifer delighted in her special gifts. I now understand that feeling.

The bear has sat in Jennifer’s room (now Leeya’s room) all these years. The grandkids love the bear and know its story. They call him “Mommy’s Bear.” The story, and the bear, are very special.


3 responses to “Sweet November 11-special

  1. This is a special photo, and your grandkids are adorable!

  2. Lovely remembrance and wonderful photo. Dianne

  3. Oh my! This is such a beautiful story. That bear is now an heirloom full of love and joy.

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