Sweet November 16-warm

The weather has been warm for November. No rain yet and the temperatures in the 50s in the mornings, 70s in the afternoon. The mountains got a dusting of snow a week or so ago, and we had noticed that the highs in Yosemite had been in the 50s so expected cooler temperatures there than in Fresno. We dressed in layers and took jackets, gloves and coats on our trip Friday to Mariposa Grove.

What with hiking, the sun, my hooded sweatshirt, scarf and a couple of other layers, I was pretty comfortable when we set off on the trail so I left my coat in the car. Here I am at the first bridge: SONY DSC

Terry had a heavy jacket and his hat on but he was cold for most of the hike. I was usually ahead of him, walking at a faster pace and probably stopping less often to take pictures. SONY DSC

By the time we started back, I had stripped the sweatshirt off and just had the scarf around my shoulders. Being in the sun made a difference, too.SONY DSC

Sitting down for lunch, though, in a shady spot, I decided I needed the sweatshirt again to warm up. Terry was still in his jacket and hat. He never did warm up until we got back to the car and then down the hill.

Although 51 degrees when we left Yosemite, the temperature soon came up and by the time we pulled into Fresno it was 64 degrees. Maybe the days are getting cooler.


4 responses to “Sweet November 16-warm

  1. lovely photos, we are having a spell of mild weather too in the Toronto area.

  2. I think we have your rain. We set a record for the most rain for the date yesterday, by almost a half inch! Nice pictures. 🙂

  3. Although being a resident of the East Coast I don’t get there often, I love those California forests. Dianne

  4. Terrific photos! We loved our stay at Yosemite too. Those trees are so amazing!

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