Sweet November 17-layered


Photo By AP Photo/Alex Kareote

Although I have lamented no rain for this area of the country this year, I still wouldn’t want to experience the weather happening elsewhere. People always say California is dangerous, what with its earthquakes, but those are seldom and rare, unlike the tornadoes that seem to rip across the midwest every few months. Or the hurricanes that hit the east coast on a regular schedule.

Today an area of Illinois was devastated by a tornado. The photo above shows the many layers of debris from such a destructive force.

This is my 1200th blog post, and my 5th blogging anniversary.


3 responses to “Sweet November 17-layered

  1. Happy Anniversary of your blog. Yes the weather can certainly wreck much havoc. I love to watch a good storm of crashing waves from the ocean but i have never been in or near any major destruction. I love thunder and lightening storms as well but them too I have never experienced the turmoil of it’s wake.

  2. Congrats on your blogiversary. I had not heard about the Illinois tornado, wow.

  3. Congratulations on your 5th Blogaversary and the 1,200th post. It always amazes me to think about how many posts I’ve written too. Here’s to another five years and more, Delaine.

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