Sweet November 18-Thankful

One of my local grocery stores only five minutes from home.

One of my local grocery stores only five minutes from home.

How easy is it for you to get groceries? Do you have a neighborhood market with plenty of good food that you can walk to? Do you have a car with which to travel to grocery stores outside of your neighborhood? Do you even think about what it would be like to not have nearby food outlets? Or to not have a well outfitted kitchen in which to prepare your food?

Today I am thankful for a variety of food outlets within a few minutes of my house. I am thankful for a well stocked grocery shelves with plenty to choose. I am thankful that I can drive to any store in Fresno and get just about any kind of food you can name. In addition to the typical grocery stores, we have numerous ethnic grocers from which to buy all sorts of exotic ingredients if I so choose. I have the means and the funds to buy all of this.

I am thankful for my home kitchen where I can pretty much prepare any food item. I can bake, roast, broil, boil, microwave anything. The one thing I don’t have is an indoor grill, but I’m not one who desires to do much grilling so I’m not concerned about that lack. I have refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher to preserve and clean up.

There are so many who live in food deserts. There is no neighborhood grocer except for liquor, convenience, or fast food stores. Without transportation, people are unable to get fresh foods and meats. If they live in a motel there is no place to prepare  or store food. Imagine an ice chest and a microwave as your only means of cooking and you have small children to feed.

So, today I give thanks for the bounty of good food and the ability to prepare it, aware that there are others who do not have this luxury.

My choice for organic groceries less than 10 minutes from home.

My choice for organic groceries less than 10 minutes from home.

5 responses to “Sweet November 18-Thankful

  1. I have to say that I too am so grateful for all that I have within my reach for buying and preparing food. My husband and I were just discussing how there are pockets of town that do now have the access to grocery stores and gas stations like we do. We are grateful that we don’t live in one of the places. Mostly, I am very grateful for how easy it is for me to buy and fix food. I too have an organic grocer fewer than ten or fifteen minutes from my home. I have at least three major grocery stores within ten or fifteen minutes of my home. I have two pharmacies within ten minutes of my home. Not only that, I have reliable transportation and a generous pension. I am blessed indeed. I realize that I am in the minority.

  2. we are blessed. And Happy Thanksgiving when it comes!

  3. As we are in an urban area, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to grocery shopping. Mostly, we use the closest store, which is competitive. Dianne

  4. Same here. I have an incredible wealth of places to shop for really good food. And it’s so awful that there are food deserts in this country. I am grateful for you, as well as my ability to buy wonderful food. Sending you a cyber hug! 🙂

  5. You are indeed very lucky. We have a farmers market every Tuesday and supermarkets just down the street so we’re grateful for that too. Whenever I walk down the aisles of the supermarket, I think about how my son used to describe life in Mali. It’s so very different.

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