Sweet November 19-light


There are clouds this morning diminishing our lovely sunlight. Maybe, just maybe, a chance of rain. So I have turned on the lamp in the family room to make it a bit lighter and warmer.


7 responses to “Sweet November 19-light

  1. it is freezing here today 36F.

    • Oh, I cannot handle temps like that. It gets that cold in the winter, in the mornings and overnight, but the days usually warm to 50. I could never live where it got really cold. I don’t even have heavy coats and clothing for those temps.

  2. Cold here today also, and the sun didn’t shine much, but I still was able to get by with just a sweater when I went outside. That won’t last long. Snow is on the way.

  3. Why do family rooms always look so inviting?

  4. We’ve had vog over here and some cloudy days as well. Today was the first truly sunny day in a while.

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