Sweet November 21-shoes


As I have written before, I have lots of shoes. So many shoes that the boxes fill two closets. So many shoes that I have a rule now: no new shoes without disposing of a pair of old shoes. Makes me think long and hard about buying more.

I am vigilant about cleaning and reboxing shoes after I wear them. Sometimes, though, I will wear the same few pair over a period of days just to keep from putting them away. Such is the case with the shoes in the photo.

I wore the brown Coach tennies on Saturday and Monday. The black patent loafer on Sunday. It rained last night so the loafer really needs to be put away as it can’t tolerate wet weather.

The purple shoe on the left was worn Tuesday when I taught an afterschool Bible class. I’m wearing it again today as it can handle some dampness. If it was raining hard I would wear my boots. But you notice they aren’t out of a box, just sitting there. It’s not raining today.

Shoes are fun. I’m glad I have a large selection from which to choose.

5 responses to “Sweet November 21-shoes

  1. So you are a shoeaholic!

    • Something like that! I love shoes and when I was teaching I liked to wear a different pair each day during the week. I had shoes that went with one specific outfit. Now, I wear whatever shoe is already out of the box on most days. Like these shown here, three pairs for the whole week.

  2. I recently disposed of a a pair of shoes that had mildewed while sitting on a shoe rack in a closet. Don’t know why they mildewed. I hadn’t worn them in two years. Dianne

  3. A few months ago I would have said I wasn’t into shoes. Hoooowever, I just bought my third dance shoe for Zumba. Totally crazy, but it was such a good price. I like looking at them. I’ve promised Art I wouldn’t get anymore. Hoooowever…. I do need a new pair of sandals.

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