Sweet November 22-comfort

What gives you comfort? A place? A food? An activity? A person? An item of clothing?

We’ve all heard of comfort food. Bean soup is a favorite of mine. I make my own starting with a bag of 12 bean soup mix:

beansChop an onion, carrot, and throw in a ham hock. Cook all morning. Enough for a couple of lunches and a bowl with two more lunches’ worth in the freezer for another time.

A walk can bring me comfort when I’m trying to figure out a problem or attempting to be more creative. A favorite place for that walk is the Fulton Mall in downtown Fresno. There are few stores left downtown but the mall is a lovely place with trees, fountains, and artwork. A few restaurants are scattered along the trail where one can get a delicious lunch.



But the best place for me to find comfort is my own home, and specifically my little couch in the family room where I spend time writing, reading, praying, planning, contemplating. When things get sad and life seems to press in a bit too much, this is where I go. I can look out on the patio and backyard from my spot. The cats often curl up with me or in a nearby chair.

family room

Life will be getting hectic around here. There won’t be much time to find comfort for myself but rather I’ll be the one offering it to my small grandchildren who will be coming tomorrow to spend the week. Their parents will be at a spa retreat for a few days, finding their own comfort. Then we will all be together in this tiny house for Thanksgiving dinner, taking our comfort around a table laden with more food than we’ll be able to consume in one sitting.


6 responses to “Sweet November 22-comfort

  1. It sounds like a very full week ahead. I hope you remember to take some time for yourself. Children can be trying for those of us over the age of parents. And then there’s all that cooking… 🙂

  2. I like all your ideas for finding comfort, they speak to me.

  3. Lovely post filled with great ideas. I wish our Pike was as inviting as downtown Fresno. Dianne

    • There are people here who would disagree with my view of Fulton Mall. I enjoy it, even though there are some homeless people scattered around and the store fronts are most empty and the buildings becoming decrepit. I am hopeful they can continue to care for the plants and artwork that are already there. The Mall is almost 50 years old.

  4. I agree with Dianne. This is such a lovely post. The photo of those beans is so beautifully colorful. It’s good to get your comfort and rest now before the kids show up. We’ll be having the family at our house too. My turkey is defrosting.

    Comfort food? Hmmmm… I do believe it’s hot chocolate.

  5. I love soup made with that 12-bean soup mix. Yum. I’m going to have to get the mix and make that great soup this week.

    Like you, I have my special places in my home where I contemplate, read, write, pray, and sometimes, snooze. This week will be a busy one for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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