No fish here

Just heard that there is something in the water off of the west coast that is killing the starfish. Not only are starfish dying, other aquatic varieties are disappearing. Another reason I don’t eat fish any more.

While we lived in San Francisco and would visit the bay, I saw the condition of the water and could not imagine eating anything that came out of it. We occasionally go to the beach, and I see the water quality. Yuck. Again, not eating anything that comes out of that muck.

We are killing our oceans.

3 responses to “No fish here

  1. It’s horrible. And as we get more population pressures, it will get worse. So sad and unnecessary. We could do so much better!

  2. We heard about that here in Hawaii too. That is really disturbing. We’re having a problem here with overfishing. The oceans are getting so polluted, it’s scary.

  3. I know. It’s scary. Whatever is going on with the water is one theory for the strange sea creatures suddenly rising to the surface — mostly already dead.

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