November-that’s a wrap

The last day of November and the house is again quiet. After six mornings of getting up with small children to watch cartoons and make coco-chita (chocolate milk), I am back into my old morning routine. Terry even made his Saturday-morning pancakes for breakfast. Life is calmer for us today.

The small grandchildren were here for six days, fortunately for us two of those days were also with their parents who helped take care of them. After they left yesterday to go spend time with the other grandparents I found that they had left the kids’ clothes still in the drawers so they are having to make a swing by here today before going home. Jen has to be back for an event this evening so there is little time for such extra mileage.

Upon learning that the kids would swing back by here, I got in yesterday afternoon and made a picture book for the grandkid telling about their week at Gramma and Papa’s house. Both Leeya and Judah love books and pictures so I think they will enjoy these little 4-page memories.



This is one of the pictures I included in their books. We had the backdoor replaced when the house was painted and the painters left the old door. I thought it would make a great canvas for fingerpainting and the kids thought so too.

Okay, now on to December. Let’s see what adventures we can cook up around here.

4 responses to “November-that’s a wrap

  1. What a nice thing to do for the grands. I’m sure they loved it. I know I would have. That’s a cool picture! 🙂

  2. They will be back before you know it, it’s wonderful that they are close by.

  3. Love this photo! What a great idea for the kids! I wish my little KC were here so we could have some creative fun too. Sigh…

  4. Wonderful idea. Your granddaughter seems to have the artist’s role down. Dianne

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