Wrapping up Christmas

Do you wrap your own presents or have it done where you shop or by a service? We have a wonderful store here that will wrap anything and make it beautiful. The store also packages and ships anything you have to send elsewhere. They do a great job, but, of course, for a steep price.

I have adopted a young mother and her two small sons for Christmas. After making all the purchases, I realized the gifts would need to be wrapped. I am not good at gift wrapping but decided I would do it myself rather than take the items to that packaging store. I have a closet full of gift wrap and ribbons accumulated over the years Also lots of stickers with which to make name tags.

I spent the morning working on the wrapping and here is the result:



12 responses to “Wrapping up Christmas

  1. I think you did a fine job. We chose two names off our church’s ‘giving tree’. I bought the items, but still need to wrap them before next weekend.

  2. They look really good to ME, and I agree. You did a great job. Free, too!

    • I almost bought more gift wrap when purchasing a few of the items but decided to take a good hard look at what I had. Sure enough, there was plenty of stuff with which to do this.

  3. Looks great. Very Martha Stewart like.

    • You are too kind, Shirley. I am anything but Martha Stewart. I am all thumbs when it comes to wrapping packages. That’s why it took me all morning to do nine gifts!

  4. beautiful! I put my gifts in gift bags mostly.

  5. Beautiful!! You did a great job. Dianne

    • Thanks, just heard back from the agency and I have to deliver the packages on December 20 so they will sit here and make the computer room festive for another week.

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  7. Wow! You did a fabulous job! I mean a FABULOUS job! You are making your adopted family very, very happy!

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