Don’t be too smug

While grocery shopping today at my non-organic store, I saw some dinner rolls that I absolutely love. They are indeed a guilty pleasure as they have no nutritional value. Just soft white bread yumminess, especially with a pat of butter melted on them. I only buy a package every few years as I am the only one to eat them, and as I said, they are not  good for me.

Because the rolls are very soft, and not packaged very well, I gingerly placed them in my basket, and as I continued my shopping, I made sure that no other products were placed on top of them or pushed up next to them. When I got to the checkout clerk, I was careful to put the package of rolls at the very end of the conveyor belt so they didn’t get squished by other groceries as they traversed that line.

Somewhere along this point I lost sight of the rolls or lost my concentration as I was producing my rewards card and then paying for the groceries. Right behind me was a lady wanting to buy cigarettes. The clerk informed her that they hadn’t been getting the particular brand she was requesting. My immediate thought: “maybe if they don’t carry your brand it’s a message to you to quit smoking.” My smug thought, though, did not cross my lips. The bag boy was ready to take my groceries to the car.

In getting home, and unloading the groceries, I found that package of rolls, at the bottom of the bag, rather squished, and one roll had been damaged. I could hear God saying, “maybe you shouldn’t be eating these.”

Be careful about those smug thoughts. We all have our bad habits.


7 responses to “Don’t be too smug

  1. Sigh…. I do sadly have a whole array of guilty pleasures that I should avoid, but….

  2. it never pys to be smug. Life has a way of letting us know this. Dianne

  3. That was pretty instant karmic feedback, don’t you think? You’re doing something right! 🙂

    • Oh, I don’t think I do all that is right. I just try to keep my ear tuned to what God has to say. I am sorry about that smugness I exhibited earlier. At least I kept my mouth shut this time.

  4. they must have some nutrition, I love those!

  5. I LOVE that you don’t just give lip service to doing what is right.

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