Ladies who lunch, December version

We retired ladies picked our lunch spot for December a few weeks ago. A Mexican restaurant that had gotten good Yelp reviews, in a neighborhood near my church. Perhaps a bit sketchy, but nothing too unsafe. We are an adventuresome group, willing to try locally owned eateries. Because one of the retirees only has Mondays available (we joke about this since we are retired), our lunch dates must be on Mondays.

To our dismay, upon arrival at this month’s choice, we find the restaurant is closed on Mondays. There were a few street-walkers in the parking lot, but otherwise, closed up for the day. Actually there are many places closed on Mondays in Fresno. It must be a slow day for eating out. The street-walking business never seems to be closed.

We quickly gathered our five wits, and since we had chosen Mexican, decided on another really good, locally owned Mexican restaurant owned by a local family. It was a bit of a drive, but we were assured good food and an open door!

I ordered a short rib burrito, sans rice, which was excellent. Everyone’s food was tasty and service was very fast. The restaurant is located in a shopping center near a major hospital and other medical offices so it gets lots of lunch time business. People who have a short amount of time to eat before getting back to their job. We retired ladies had all afternoon so we sat and chatted and made plans for our next lunch. The food will be Asian and we checked to make sure the place is open on Mondays.

We have added a new member to our group, Jeri, there on the far right. She was an art teacher at the inner city high school where we all worked for those many years.

ladies who lunch


2 responses to “Ladies who lunch, December version

  1. What a beautiful, fun looking group of ladies!

  2. Your lunch sounds delicious! Beautiful photo.

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