Snail-mail Christmas greetings

I think we’ve had this discussion in years past…do you still send and receive the old-fashioned type of paper Christmas cards?

So many people now just put a greeting on Facebook and count that as their Christmas card. I don’t do that, but I send very few old-fashioned cards, either. A few have arrived in the mail, even a Christmas letter from some friends whose children are all grown but who are still included in the letter. I never did do Christmas letters as my life was never that interesting.

I just read an article that says older people, like me, send fewer cards now, and the younger 30s and 40s are sending the cards as they see that as their duty to continue the tradition. We baby boomers feel that we did that when we were younger (and yes, I did) and see little to no point in doing it now.

This morning I sat and wrote about 10 cards to friends who I wanted to thank for making the year special and to a few who I knew would just like to receive a card. I will see many of my dear friends (like those Ladies Who Lunch) around the holidays and will extend my greetings and warm thoughts to them in person.


8 responses to “Snail-mail Christmas greetings

  1. I don’t send out cards, but I do write little notes on the Facebook pages of favorite family members I won’t see during the holidays.

  2. I do religiously send cards out every year, although I’m down from 30 to 20! Just a creature of habit.

  3. We’ve chosen not to send Christmas cards out the past few years (coinciding with me getting a job in a retail situation, where December is the busiest time). This year we’ve received very few; I suspect people have dropped us from their list.

    • Terry worked for JC Penney for many years and during that time came to hate Christmas. Retail will do that to a person. I don’t know about being dropped from a list, Kathy, as much as people just not sending cards much any more. I believe, though, this year I have received more than I have sent. One card recipient called yesterday to apologize for not getting a card to us. Didn’t bother me at all. She is older than I am, and like many older people, has quit sending cards.

  4. Would you believe I probably do about 70 holiday greetings? Half are done through snail mail. The other half is done via e-mail. I send our newsletter as an attachment. There are some that I really would like to stop since I don’t think I’ll ever see them again, but they keep sending us cards so I feel it’s rude if I don’t reciprocate.

  5. I started sending cards the year we got married and 24 years later, the tradition continued. Last year I skipped it and regretted it all year. I typically send out around 48 cards, give or take. The days of letters are almost over, so I really like to send the cards.

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