International Travel-Delaine Zody style

It’s Christmas time in the city…Terry and I were in San Francisco for Christmas Day after watching the tiny grandchildren open presents at their house earlier in the morning. We had a delightful time walking up and down the streets, taking lots of photos of the decorations. I especially like to take photos of Christmas trees in the big financial institutions’ windows. There is lots of reflection of the skyscrapers  and city traffic on the windows, although the traffic was pretty light with it being Christmas Day.

We take BART into the city, and both on the way into and back, the train makes a run through San Francisco International Airport, dropping off and picking up travelers. This time, on the way back, Terry and I decided to hop off and trek through the International Terminal where the train station is located.

It was fun to watch the people queued up to fly away to foreign lands. Some had very big suitcases and boxes. There were windows where one could exchange currency. Foreign languages floated through the air. I was just grateful to not be worried about catching a flight, missing a plane, or having a long layover. We just wandered around and enjoyed the sights and sounds. Although a  bit on the hungry side, I didn’t find anything that appealed. Lots of sushi stands. Terry had a cappuccino from the ever-present Starbucks.

We also found an aviation museum (although closed for the holiday), that provides a look at the history of the San Francisco airport. They had some wonderful displays in their windows about dirigibles. Maybe we’ll hop off again when we take BART and visit the whole museum. I certainly don’t plan to be going through the terminal to fly to any foreign land.


4 responses to “International Travel-Delaine Zody style

  1. Merry Christmas…. Michelle

  2. Now that sounds like the best way to travel to foreign lands: in your imagination! What a fun way to spend the holiday. I’d like to have fun on the BART; I’ve never ridden it. 🙂

    • BART is just the best thing. We have Clipper Cards which allow us to ride all the public transportation in the bay area. Sure makes it easy to get around. The cards autoload so we never have to worry about running out of money when we are traveling around SF.

  3. What a fun day! We got lots of snow, time to go shovel!

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