A strange winter

No rain. Lots of sunshine. Freezing nights. Warm afternoons. Very strange weather in Fresno.







All of this has caused the pear tree to drop all of its leaves this year.


8 responses to “A strange winter

  1. Love your cat. Our weather is like yours, weird. Plants can’t decide what to do. Dianne

  2. The cat looks quite natural sitting among the leaves

  3. It is super dry here in Reno and I’m starting to worry about the snow pack in the mountains. I’m hoping Fresno gets some rain soon and it heads this direction!

  4. Although the Big Island has been having a lot of rain, we’ve been pretty dry here. It’s cooler though which I love. I hope the pear tree will be alright.

    • This is actually good for the pear tree, the cold nights, that is. For years now our night time temps have not stayed in the low 30s for weeks at a time and the leaves never fully dropped from our pear tree or others in the city. We have clear skies at night this year which is giving us though really low temperatures. But, clear skies during the day let the sun shine, making daytime temps much higher than normal.

  5. wow strange indeed, even the cat looks mystified!

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