Making plans, not resolutions

As 2013 is ending, and I’m remembering some really good times I had this year, I have hung up the new 2014 calendars and started to make plans for the new year.

We are planning a vacation with our kids and grandkids at the end of January at the beach. We will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary while there. Since our granddaughter is in preschool, and will start kindergarten in the fall, we are having to rethink their stays at Gramma and Papa’s  house so that she won’t miss school days. More plans.

My retired friends, the Ladies Who Lunch, have already set our first date for the new year. I’m sure I will hear lots of plans at that time.

My foray into preserving local produce went so well in 2013 that I am making plans for what to preserve this next year. Starting with strawberries in April and running through to August when the peaches will be plentiful, I have a quite a list. I will definitely plan to buy more canning jars.

There will be many meals to fix, treats to bake, and preserves to can in my little kitchen. And, when I’m doing all this cooking work, I will wear the Christmas gift from my small grandchildren:


2014 looks to be a very good year.



3 responses to “Making plans, not resolutions

  1. Wonderful apron! This is the first year I will NOT hang a calendar on the wall. I realized this past year that I now use my online calendars to the exclusion of the wall calendars. Life is definitely changing! 🙂

  2. That’s a FANTASTIC apron! Sure to bring smiles to your face every time you use it.

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