Never gets boring

Terry and I met on December 4, 1973. We got married February 1, 1975. We’ve lived in this house since 1980.

Today, the last day of 2013, while chatting over our Chinese lunch at a restaurant where we’ve eaten many times, I learn that there are two fishing poles in our hall closet that have been there as long as we’ve lived in the house and actually followed us from our previous two abodes.

In all these years Terry has never gone fishing or even mentioned fishing. Nor have I ever seen these fishing rods. Life is never boring around here.

4 responses to “Never gets boring

  1. Now that is a real mystery! I would have wondered myself if he was taking up fishing and not mentioning it. Or maybe you are sleepfishing. 🙂

  2. maybe he will go fishing soon!

    • Nope, that’s what the conversation was all about. He has never fished once since I met him back in 1973. The whole fishing pole story was just too hilarious. “But you don’t fish.” “I know, but I used to.” Yeah over 40 years ago!

  3. That’s too funny about the fishing pole. Perhaps that could be something to look forward to in spring? Happy New Year, Delaine!

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