One more Christmas post

This is a few weeks late, but I just received an email with the photos, so wanted to share.

Every year for so long I can no longer remember, my friend and co-teacher Cathy and her husband have invited friends and family to a tamale party a few days before Christmas. When we were still teaching (she has since retired and become one of The Ladies Who Lunch), she would have the party the last day of school or the Saturday after we got out for break. This year she hosted it on a Sunday evening because she doesn’t have to babysit her two grandchildren on Mondays and figured she would have time to get the house back in order before they were back on Tuesday.

Many of the former teachers come as well as those who are still teaching. A few have left the large inner city high school and moved to different schools or positions within the district. It’s fun to catch up with everyone and see how their children have grown or how many new grandchildren have been added to the mix.

The food is amazing. Lots of tamales, of course, in all sorts of guises. This year I decided to try one of each kind and ended up with six tamales on my plate. No room for beans or salad. Terry had to finish off the tasted but uneaten tamales. Cathy’s sister had grown chiles this past summer so she stuffed them with a sausage mixture and roasted them making a sort of popper. I think I ate four of those. The tequila selection is wide and deep for tasting purposes. Then we sampled fruit cake for dessert–mine and another friend’s who had made my recipe this year. He had over-saturated his with brandy and the cake tasted so good. Terry & Delaine

Here is a picture from the party and the reason I finally got around to writing a post about such a good time.


6 responses to “One more Christmas post

  1. You both look very merry and bright. Great smile!

  2. Not to mention it’s a GREAT picture of you! Makes me smile just to look at it. 🙂

  3. Though I love being single, it always makes me smile when I see a cute couple who’ve happily been together for years. And btw … nice hats 🙂

  4. Awwww… That is such a cute photo of the both of you!

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