Out to lunch

Monday was Ladies Who Lunch day. My retired teacher friends had set this date when we met in December and one of the gals had heard about this new Korean restaurant that had replaced a tamale shop in a 1970s shopping center that was once filled with high-end stores and eateries but it pretty much abandoned now although businesses come and go, trying to make it there.

The restaurant is called Rock and Noodles and caters to customers who like large soup bowls of noodles. We all ordered Chinese food which came out in such huge portions that it was hard to eat all of it. My beef chow mein was very tasty. We all agreed that we got our monies’ worth, especially since we sat there for three hours talking. The proprietress was very kind and took our picture:

Jan ladies who lunch


We made plans for February, too. Cathy, second from the right, had heard about a cafe at the small regional airport on the west side of town, Chandler Field. Although I have lived in this area for 61 years, I have never been to Chandler Field. Terry has been there for air shows and when I mentioned these plans to him, he said he knew of a restaurant there but had never been in it. On Tuesday we decided to go try it out. Glad we did because we learned it’s not open on Mondays, which is the day of the week we must do lunch because Cathy babysits her grandchildren the rest of the week.

Not only did Terry and I have a great lunch at Tail Spin Tommy’s, but we also went into the terminal, originally built in 1936 but recently renovated. It was like stepping back in time.

tailspintommysTerry ordered a pulled pork sandwich and I got a hamburger, a rare treat for me. We sat at the counter and enjoyed watching the people and seeing the runway through large windows. A few small planes came and went while we ate.



The burger and onion rings were very good.

Here is the terminal lobby:

terminal lobby


And Terry at the ticket window, “checking his bags:”

Baggage ck


Although saddened that Ladies Who Lunch won’t be able to go out to Tail Spin Tommy’s, I was happy that Terry and I got to enjoy a small adventure in our own town. We even talked about going out there again for lunch in the future. There were a number of items on the menu that sounded good. I also think Terry would like to go with his camera to document the building.




3 responses to “Out to lunch

  1. That was fun. I just love your pretty red hair.

  2. Having a lady’s group to lunch with is one way to stay social. Love the pictures.

  3. Sigh… It’s always fun to meet up with teacher friends, isn’t it? This looks like such a fun, loving group you belong to.

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