Yes, I feed the squirrels, and the birds

MUTTS by Patrick McDonnell | January 08, 2014

Terry reads the Mutts comic strip online every day, and sometimes, when the cute animals apply to us, shares with me. Today’s strip was one of those shared moments.

The squirrels sitting in a tree where their nuts are stashed complain that there are no pistachios. Terry said to me, “if they lived here they would have pistachios,” meaning that I feed the wildlife some pretty good stuff.

It’s true. They get pecans, walnuts, almonds, dried bananas, dried cranberries, raisins. However, I have quit giving the squirrels pistachios in the shell. They eat the meat out of the nut and throw the shells on the ground. So that’s why you squirrels don’t get pistachios.

We have a large influx of finches right now so I am dishing out cups full of millet and raw sunflower seeds to feed them. The saddle in the pear tree where I put all these goodies is empty every day when I go out to refill the stash. My neighbor said the little birds are gulping down her hummingbird elixir, too. Not surprising as there is so little water around these parts. I don’t have a birdbath. Perhaps that is what I need to install.


8 responses to “Yes, I feed the squirrels, and the birds

  1. lucky animals around your place!

  2. I don’t feed either because the food would just attract the critters we don’t want like more deer, mountain lions, bear, etc…

  3. I hope my birds don’t hear about the spread at your house, or they’ll be flocking over!
    I feed, too, because the birds bring me a lot of pleasure and are the bright spots of color in a black and white winter.

    • I cannot bear to think of any person or animal going hungry. My mother always fed the hoboes who came to our back door and she fed the birds, mainly to keep them out of her fruit trees.

  4. My neighbor Kathy shells peanuts for her squirrels. She says it keeps them away from the bird feeders. We just ordered a heated birdbath from Amazon. Not too expensive. Dianne

    • I occasionally find peanut shells in my yard but I don’t feed the ones in the shell so figure one of the neighbors must be handing them out but the squirrels come here to do their eating. We get quite the menagerie here because our backyard is very shaded (2 trees) with lots of shrubbery and no dogs. However, the cats we have now are quite persistent in keeping watch for the birds.

      As for a bird bath, no heater needed here. Maybe a refrigerator for the summer?

  5. Wow! You are so kind! I’d want to come to your house to eat nuts. I was looking at pistachios, pine and walnuts at Costco the other day and they were super expensive. Sigh… Walnut prices have really shot up. I can’t even touch pine nuts.

    • Well, the pistachios have stopped because of that shell problem. I occasionally have walnuts left over (like from making the fruitcake) that I have given to the squirrels, but Terry doesn’t like walnuts so that is a rare purchase. And pine nuts…I don’t buy pine nuts b/c the only thing I know to make with them is pesto which we do not like. Almonds are still reasonable as are cashews. Pecans are like buying gold.

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