Bits and pieces on my desktop

I have been collecting odds and ends for a few months, putting them on my desktop (not something I normally do), thinking I will write a post about the picture or use the photo for something. But, instead, the pieces sit there, taunting me, just gathering dust, reminding me of stories I could be telling but which I’m NOT.


Today I decided to put all that jetsam and flotsam into one post and just let you see how cluttered my mind can become. Then I’m going to put it all in the trash.

The oldest picture goes back to late summer, early fall, when we went to the Master Gardner’s Experimental Gardens. Not only did I ponder over all sorts of great ways to grow things and even bought a wreath for my door, I also saw a collection of honey from all the crops grown here in the valley:


Later in the fall, the Fresno Downtown Partnership shared this great aerial view of our downtown and I thought it might make for a story of how much I love downtown and how much it has changed:


Then somewhere before Christmas my Cowbird friend, Kiki Suarez, posted this fabulous photo of her storefront. I wanted to tell all of you about her art and her writing and her loss of sight. But, you can go read it all for yourselves.


During December, when it got really cold and I needed more warmth, I got out an old scarf that has a story. Here’s the picture, but the longer the photo sat there, the less I think the story would be all that impressive:

Photo on 12-3-13 at 11.24 AM

And, finally, there is my love for San Francisco. Going through my Flickr archives, I found these photos I took of the first place we ever stayed in San Francisco, way back in 1974 when I worked for a publishing company that just happened to have an apartment there for clients and that employees could use when it was available. The photos are of how the building currently looks:

The front of the apartment building on Vallejo Street.

The front of the apartment building on Vallejo Street.

The back side of the apartment building, looking out over the Financial District with a view of the TransAmerica Building.

The back side of the apartment building, looking out over the Financial District, with a view of the TransAmerica Building.

Those pictures were remembered when I recently saw this picture of the dog heads from Doggy Diner, now a defunct eatery in San Francisco. The heads, as you can guess, have taken on their own life:

Doggie heads

And last, and probably least, a recipe I recently made:


So, there you have it. My desktop. And with this telling, it is all clear again.


11 responses to “Bits and pieces on my desktop

  1. I understand the computer ‘clutter’. I have post idea folders in all of my email accounts, and quite a few draft posts on Blogger. Sometimes when I go back to review them I can’t remember why I thought they were worth saving.

  2. Good for you! Now you’ve got a fresh start, and you’ve given me some food for thought as well. I think it’s a great way to begin the year, cleaning off one’s desk. Thank you! 🙂

  3. love all your interesting bits and pieces today and saved your recipe, thx.

    • Christine, I also added a sweet potato to the veggie mix and roasted all of the veggies. I used only one cut of red lentils as I’m not a big fan of lentils, but with this combination, it was very good. Another recommendation is to add chipotle powder to the soup.

  4. That’s a fun and interesting collection of photos– LOVE the blue scarf, you look beautiful. And the doggy heads- What a hoot.
    Happy New Year, jj

  5. How interesting and how helpful as your post just sent me in the direction I should go with a story about myself project I’ve been wrestling with.

  6. It’s wonderful that you have so many ideas swimming around your head, Delaine. I’ve got a few photos too, but like you I eventually give up on them. I’d like to have heard about that snuggly looking scarf though.

    • The scarf is made of some strange yarn that stretches like crazy. If I was skinny, I could even wear it as a skirt. It has all sorts of tricks in it.

  7. Uh Oh, you just reminded me I gotta get my bean soup started. Dianne

  8. I congratulate you for identifying the subjects you need to write; I look at my own desk and refuse to move the objects that remind me stories. I am interested in writing family stories. I began a scrapbook of photos and collecting letters and notes. I must have thought that was all I needed to do and quit. The trouble with beginning again is the time it takes to assemble thoughts and other photos. But we do have to persist, don’t we? Incidentally, I have a scarf with a story behind it. Perhaps we can think harder about sharing that with the world.

  9. I loved your potpourri of sorts. I also put photos of things I think I will write about on my desktop. It is very cluttered. I’m glad you don’t have this habit as badly as I do because at time, my desktop drives me a bit batty. I am now trying to clean it all up and get rid of old documents also.

    I like the photo of you in the scarf. Maybe there is a story there that we would like to hear.

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