It didn’t stay clean for long


Two days later and I’ve put two photos on my desktop.

One photo is a lovely building in a Paris district. I saw it on Pinterest and decided I wanted to look at for a few days.

The other photo is also from Pinterest and I’m planning to use it for an after-school Bible club I’m part of at an inner city elementary school. Tomorrow I will be teaching about prayer and this handout will be instructive in doing so.

I enjoy using Pinterest as a bulletin board for pictures and ideas I find as I wander around on the Internet. The majority of the photos in my previous post are my own and stored in iPhoto on my computer. I just grab the picture and pull a copy onto my desktop so even when I trash the picture, I still have the original.

5 responses to “It didn’t stay clean for long

  1. That is how I save photos also. I should use Pinterest more. It really is handy. My desktop will never look that tidy!

  2. Nice! I have two folders on my desktop, one is “pictures,” where I stash pictures I might or might not want to use again. Your desktop is quite clean compared to mine! 🙂

  3. I like the quotes on Pinterest.

  4. I haven’t used Pinterest much at all, but have heard that many people enjoy it. You would be surprised at how cluttered my desktop is. I should clean it up a bit. 🙂

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