Plays vs movies

A friend and I took off for a noon time movie on Monday. Do you know that a lot of people, and not just older ones, go to the movies at midday on Monday? I was very surprised at the long line for the ticket window, and while I waited for my friend’s arrival, the people just kept coming. Of course, the theater is one of those huge multi-screen places. I think there are 21 theaters inside the complex.

We saw “August: Osage County.” I previously wrote about reading the play and looking forward to the movie.  Meryl Streep plays Violet in the movie, and I love her work, so also wanted to see the movie for this reason. After reading the play, I was pretty sure Terry would NOT be amused with the movie and so I looked around for a friend who would be seeing it. I often encourage Terry to go with me to a movie (I like obscure, quirky flicks) and afterwards he wonders why he spent the money and the time except that he enjoyed being with me. He’s good that way. Many years later we will laugh about a movie that I “dragged” him to see.

My friend had not read the play and although we both enjoyed the movie, I was disappointed. The play was much better but I didn’t say that to my friend. The movie left out some of the relationships that are featured in the play. Julia Roberts as the older daughter  did not amuse me as much as the character in the play did. I had thought Julia was playing the younger sister who had remained in the same town as her parents and who falls in love with her cousin. The ending was also different.

The story takes place in Oklahoma, and since my family is from there, I felt an affinity with the characters. Some of them very much reminded me of my family, especially on my dad’s side. It just seemed odd to see Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep playing these roles.

Since I enjoyed Tracey Letts’ writing so much in “August: Osage County,” I also read another play of his, “Superior Donuts.” Both of these plays are excellent and I just wish I could see them performed on stage. I like the closeness of the stage and actors in live theater.

4 responses to “Plays vs movies

  1. Live tastefully indeed.
    How nice to meet you. Yes, I am not going to see that movie just for those reasons. Now the Monuments Men is something I really want to see.

  2. I am going to see the movie, even though I’m not expecting much. I saw “Her” this week and am still not sure how I feel about it. I rather liked it, even though I’m not sure why.

  3. I would love to see a movie, but for some reason we haven’t been to one in ages. Most of my friends haven’t been to very many movies lately either. I wonder why.

  4. Thanks for the movie review.

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