Shopping stories

We were out of laundry detergent so I decided I must go to Target and while there, I would buy a few other odds and ends. Can you ever go to Target for just ONE item? I think not. Although Target had that horrible hijacking of its scanners before Christmas, I don’t have much trepidation about returning to shop there as I have a Target Red Card, and for some strange reason, those didn’t seem to be compromised.

When shopping I tend to park as far out in the parking lot as seems reasonable without making me look too odd. It forces me to walk a little farther, which is very good for me. I never understand people who want to park right in front of the store and will circle while waiting for a spot to open up.

On this trip I noticed that the parking lot was pretty empty, surprising since it was a Friday and I know that is a busy shopping day at Target, so I parked near some other cars, put my keys in my purse, opened my door, and heard this loud alarm go off. Thinking it was MY car and that my keys must have been squeezed in my purse to set it off, I closed the door, got out my keys and started my car. Once I put the car in gear, the sound stopped. I shut off the car, put the keys in my purse, making sure they weren’t any where to be squeezed, and as I opened my door the alarm started again. Oh, no. What was wrong with my car? I redid those previous steps, only this time when the shrieking stopped I decided I would go home and have the car checked. As I was pulling away, I could hear the alarm again, only farther away. Parking way out, with no other cars nearby, I opened my door and realized the alarm was on a car that I had been sitting next to in the previous spot! All that anxiety for naught.

Once in the store I was surprised to see how crowded it was for so few cars in the lot. As I traveled the aisles, though, I figured out why. Many of the shoppers were there in pairs. Some were young mothers with small children, traveling in a pack with their carts. A few were mother/daughter teams, again with a small child or two along for the trip. There was one elderly couple shopping with their adult daughter guiding them through the store. Many of the aisles were hard to maneuver due to carts, kids, and people. I guess this was a social outing as well as getting a necessary chore accomplished. I like to shop by myself, whether grocery shopping or clothes shopping. I can think more clearly and I can change direction at a moment’s notice without having to direct someone else to also turn. .

After getting home I realized I hadn’t gotten everything we needed, grocery-wise, due to the crowded aisles at Target (but I did manage to get the laundry detergent) so headed out to the regular grocery store. Fortunately, there were few shoppers in those aisles on a Friday morning. And no alarms in the parking lot!

6 responses to “Shopping stories

  1. I haven’t been to Target in awhile, but every time I do go, it seems awfully crowded. That’s funny about the alarm in the nearby car… 🙂

  2. I really like a quiet store.

  3. What’s a Red Card? I luv Target and usually shop for household items, DVDs and they have the best price on Morningstar Farms soy products. The breach isn’t stopping me, though my card was compromised. Target has given me a free Experian for a year, but I’m thinking of cancelling the card. Scary business all the hackers lurking about.

    • Long ago, in another century, I had a Mervyn’s credit card. That was in the day of each store having their own card. Somewhere along the line, Mervyns and Target were owned by the same conglomerate and the Mervyns card worked at Target so I started using it there. If you spent so much, you could get a 10% discount on a shopping trip. I would always buy the pricier items then. Then, Mervyns went away and the credit card became a Target card and then a Target Visa and finally, a Red Card that is a Visa card. Target gives me a 5% discount on everything I buy in their store if I use the card, which, of course, I do.

      Upon hearing about the security breach, I immediately thought that Red Cards would be most likely to have been stolen, but it seems that is not the case. I already have a Triple Threat watch on my credit b/c my identity was stolen a couple of years back. I am immediately notified if anyone tries to open another account in my name.

  4. Gosh… I can’t even remember when I went shopping alone. I’m always with my husband, daughter or a friend. I’ve not shopped at Target in a while except for a weighted vest that my daughter got for me online.

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