Doing our part in drought season

While the midwest and eastern states are digging out of record snow and cold, here in California we are having high temperatures and no rain. It was 72 in Fresno yesterday, 88 in other parts of the state. Funny thing, though, is that it’s still cold overnight-37 this morning when we got up.

There is no snowpack in the Sierras. That’s where our water comes from. You see, we live in a desert but smart people saw all that snow melting, running down in the rivers and out to the Pacific Ocean so decided to dam the rivers, build reservoirs and use the water for agriculture. The soil here is very good for growing just about everything, but there is a lack of rainfall. Normal yearly rainfall for the Valley is about 11 inches. This year we’ve had less than one inch.

Governor Brown has declared a drought (surprise) and asked everyone to reduce water usage by 20 percent. Terry got out the manual for the dishwasher to check about water usage. Turns out our light wash, which we normally use, takes nine gallons of water whereas the normal wash takes only seven gallons. I guess the light wash uses more water and goes faster. Our dishwasher has a sensor that can tell how dirty the dishes are and adjusts itself accordingly. Some loads take less time than others for that reason. Doing our part, we are now using the normal wash cycle. We have a joke in our family about NORMAL. There’s no such thing as normal; it’s just a setting on the dryer, or in this case, on the dishwasher.


10 responses to “Doing our part in drought season

  1. 20% is a lot, and that is a useful discovery light vs normal wash in this situation. Hope you get some good rain soon.

  2. We’ve certainly had our issues with the no rain and wildfires here in Oklahoma for the past few years. Scary stuff.

    Thanks for the visit. I have wrapped my fruitcakes but they never last long enough around here to make it worth my while! LOL!

    • It is always hard to leave the fruitcakes tucked away, in a dark place, while they age. I always want to eat whatever I bake just as soon as it comes out of the oven! However, I just keep remembering how good the cakes will be after they age. I make about 10 small cakes which this lasted, with gifts, from Thanksgiving to New Year.

  3. Good point. Normal is such a misused word. Comes from Sociology where it means “what most people do.” Nothing normal about being in the majority.

  4. We are having much less rainfall than normal for us, too, up north of you. It does make me wonder what is going on with the global weather system. Let’s pray for a little rain and snow, okay? 🙂

  5. We have not had much snowfall here either, but they have a lot in the mountains. Of course, Colorado has always had its water wars. We actually live in a city that did not plan for its growth well and does not get as large a supply of water as it needs. I love that quote. I’ve used it a lot myself. Normal – it really is just a setting.

  6. There is also a water shortage here in Hawaii and I think, especially on Oahu. The tourist industry uses a lot of water, I’m afraid. You have a very fancy dishwasher.

    • We had to replace the dishwasher a few years ago, before we went to SF, and this was the same make & model we had before, a GE Profile. It is so quiet. The dishwasher in the SF apartment was very old and very noisy. I pretty much had to leave the apartment when it was running. I was very happy to come back to my really good appliances here at the house.

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