Trying a new food

Somewhere in my online travels I found a recipe for black rice that looked and sounded appealing. I had never heard of black rice but Sally Wessley assured me on a Facebook post that she liked it, as did her husband.

While buying some bulk items at Whole Foods, where Sally said she buys her black rice, I saw that they had it and shaved coconut, which the recipe calls for, in their bulk bins, so I didn’t have to buy more than the recipe called for, 1 cup. I also got a couple of tablespoons of the shaved coconut. I hate to buy large quantities of new ingredients to try a recipe that turns out bleh and then you just have them sitting in the cupboard, taking up space.

I soaked the rice overnight and cooked it this morning in coconut milk and added a spoonful of vanilla extract as I didn’t have a vanilla bean lying around the cupboards. I also didn’t have all the exotic fruits that the recipe’s originator used. But a banana did quite nicely with the shaved coconut. It is tasty, and I’m assuming, good for me. Guess I’ll be buying more black rice.

My hairdresser likes to try to new foods so I’m taking a bowl to her when I go out later to get my hair cut and colored. It’s been six weeks since I was last there and I am looking very shaggy. I will also take her a brownie which I baked yesterday from a new recipe. The brownies were far too much work for how they turned out  so I’m not keeping that recipe.


9 responses to “Trying a new food

  1. Gosh! I’ve never heard of black rice, but this is certainly very intriguing.

  2. would’ve loved to see a photo, sounds wonderful!

    • If you click on the recipe link, it will take you to a picture and the recipe. I put a picture on FB and Instagram of my own version but it’s not nearly as pretty as the original.

  3. I love black rice and think it’s not only good for me, but tasty as well! It was called “Forbidden Rice” in China long ago, because only the emperor was allowed to eat it! 🙂

    • Thank you, DJan, for that tidbit. I did not know anything about black rice until two days ago. I took a bowl of the pudding to my hairdresser and she was quite pleased as she has eaten, and likes, black rice. I will definitely buy more of this exotic product.

  4. Sounds delicious. I have some black rice but hadn’t thought of mixing it with coconut. Dianne

  5. Since I’m not the best of cooks, my rice has been known to come out somewhat black on the bottom (as did last week’s quinoa), but I suppose that doesn’t qualify as “black rice” 🙂

  6. I still have to try this. I was thinking about it this morning. I will make it soon.

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